Real Tanned Coyote Hide Fur Pelt

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Coyote Fur Natural Color Coyote Fur Genuine Wild Animal Fur for Taxidermy Luxury Tan Coyote Fur Soft - Fluffy - Odorless Fur Home Decor.

Shiny, soft, fluffy and odorless real coyote fur.
This coyote fur is very cleanly tanned so there is absolutely no odor on the fur or leather.
The hairs on the fur part of the skin are very durable and soft. They made the skin very light and soft.
There is absolutely no breakage or shedding in the fur portion of the coyote’s skin. It has been carefully tanned to avoid this situation.
On the skin, his feet (without claws), tail and head are fully located.

You can use this coyote fur for your taxidermy work or for your home decoration.

Measures around 55 to 60 inches nose to tail